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Stories Told Here | The Locket Bar™

Stories Told Here | The Locket Bar™

Monica’s latest story comes from an experience where she introduced a customer to The Locket Bar

I was at our Time Warner shop a few weeks ago and a gentleman walked in. I asked if he needed any help and he told me he was just killing some time before his restaurant reservation upstairs. We started talking...

As we spoke, I told him about our Locket Bar and his ears perked up “You mean I can take a photo off my phone now  and you can fill the locket right here in the store?” Next thing I know, he said, “Let’s do one with a photo of my son for my wife.” He then thought about the other women he was dining with, his goddaughter and her mom… he decided to get a locket for each of them as well.


He ended up buying 3 filled lockets all while waiting for his reservation. His parting words upon leaving the shop were “I’m going to be very popular at this dinner, thank you for making me so thoughtful!” A week later I received an email from him thanking me for the lockets and he let me know that he ordered another one for his sister.

Lockets are the perfect pieces of jewelry for yourself or loved ones. The Locket Bar makes it easy to take your favorite photo, inspirational quotes, and add them to the locket that best fits your style!


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