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Style at Any Age

Style at Any Age

As we launch my new column, Style at Any Age, there are a few things you should know about me...

As we launch my new column, Style at Any Age, there are a few things you should know about me... As many of you have read through this website, I believe in jewelry that links up to the sentiments, accomplishments, great loves, hopes and dreams and the big Carpe Diem moments of a woman's life. Although I am inspired by antique and vintage pieces, my collection is all designed with a current and modern sensibility—dimensional and weighty, offering different meanings to different women—which they wear to tell the story of their lives so far and how they may want the next chapters to unfold. As women we are all our own storytellers.

I personally love simple streamlined clothing and seem to lean towards a more monochromatic palette of winter whites, camel, grey and basic black to provide the perfect canvas to show off my favorite pieces of jewelry from my collection. I love the idea of mixing metals, vintage and modern pieces, which leads me into what I want to talk about today, creating your own, highly personalized charm necklace.

Like many women, including such legendary icons as Elizabeth Taylor and The Duchess of Windsor, I was inspired, and began designing my own charm bracelet, which represents some of the most significant memories, occasions and romantic and familial loved ones in my life. And then I figured out a way in which my customers could individualize their own. It has become my signature, almost an extension of my wrist and a piece that I wear everyday, stacked with five bangles.

But the design that I am currently obsessed with is my new “build your own” charm link chain, around which, you can create your own charm necklace. It is another way a woman can wear her stories! It is also a future heirloom like everything I design.

Here, I illustrate how I wear mine. Some of my favorite designers create beautiful pieces that are wonderful canvases for my jewelry. Winter white is akin to black clothes for an amazing backdrop for jewelry and it really lets it pop. Today I’m doing high/low fashion...my Cyclas top and Zara trousers with my personalized travel/adventure necklace. I love mixing designer pieces and being a bit creative. The chain I’m wearing was inspired by men's early 20th century watch chains, which hung from different parts across a man's vest, I have created our chain so that different charms can clasp on at different stations in the necklace.

I am wearing my mini compass and my larger compass (with moonstone and diamonds) symbolizing travel and adventure! Of course these have different meanings for everyone. The third charm on my necklace is called ‘My Earth’. It is a round three-dimensional globe, in which you get to place the diamond wherever you want–where you live or where you are dreaming of visiting one day soon. My diamond is on New York where I live part of the time, work and have one of my shops.

My style is also based on switching the charms around or adding to them—depending on my moods, what I want to express, and what I am wearing. The way I have designed the necklace, you can just clip the charms on and also attach your favorite antique vintage pendants as well as those passed down to you..

Featured below are some of my favorite pairings.

I look forward to sharing my ideas and choices. I hope I can inspire you to change up your jewelry with fun clothing ideas...without too much thought or fuss in the morning. I will bring you ideas from my jewelry collection, and how I wear it....because style is style, at any age :)