Style at Any Age | The Perfect Poesy

Style at Any Age | The Perfect Poesy

Today I’m wearing different poesy rings from my collection. I love how they look and the sayings inscribed inside the rings allow me to wear my story. I am continually thinking of different ways to take pieces from history and modernize them. Poesy finger rings were inscribed with poetic verse and mottos of love and friendship in the 1700's and I redesigned them into necklace rings—that you could wear everyday with relevant, empowering sayings and motifs or gemstones that add a contemporary edge.

As you all know , I also love layering and easy-to-wear pieces that you can just throw on –and the poesy necklace ring collection is one of my favorites for this type of jewelry styling. Here I am wearing my yellow gold Adventure poesy ring on a gold short chain. I wear it with my mini lock, a charm from another one of my collections, on a short black steel chain. The steel chain is great for mixing metals of silver and gold, adding contrast and a little creative license to your look, and also for trading out different charms. I’ve also layered a group of my posies on a longer black steel chain. The steel color and the combination of short and long necklaces works great with my Row leather jacket and white T shirt and Zara jeans. It looks comfortably chic and effortless rather than over-styled.


As for the poesy necklace rings. I love mixing and changing them up with the exception of the Adventure ring which I never take off, Today, I have chosen my "Carpe Diem"(seize the day) ring in silver, my snake motif "Never Fear" in gold and my ruby "Luck"style.


They are fun to wear and give me confidence and various styles provide me with encouragement on different days. Additionally they make perfect inspirational gifts that we can purchase for ourselves, and give to our mothers, daughters and close friends—all of the important women in our lives, providing them with both style and substance… at any age.