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Thanksgiving Tips: What To Gift Your Hostess

Thanksgiving Tips: What To Gift Your Hostess

Your Thanksgiving hostess is slaving away next week, whether you realize it or not. That's why we like to address an underrated topic, what to gift your Thanksgiving hostess this year. Whether it be something small, something special or something with a story, it is should be personal. You all know that here at MRK we like to keep things personal, which is why we picked five favorite gifts for your hostess this year. Get ready, you're about to make the day even better upon arrival...

The Carpe Diem Candle: Whether she succeeded in making the turkey succulent or not, your Thanksgiving hostess has no doubt seized the day, so why not give her something that says so?

Floral Half Locket Charm: Give your hostess a treasure she can hold her kids in with this half locket floral charm.

The Eel photo frame: Thanksgiving is all about family coming together, so you can never go wrong with framed photo of your hostess with her family.

The Secret Journal: Because next year she'll put her Thanksgiving recipe notes and shopping lists in these hidden pages, so know one knows the method to her madness.

The Patience seahorse charm necklace: Because what holiday requires more patience than Thanksgiving? Exactly.