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The Art of Dining: Downton Abbey

The Art of Dining: Downton Abbey

The dinners in early 20th century England were more than just a mealtime affair, and no show embodies that better than the fan favorite Downton Abbey, which premiered Sunday on Masterpiece Theater. Back then, women were bedecked in jewels and men in dinner coats and cufflinks for the mere every day family dinner, a tradition you can imagine we're quite on board with here. And this season, the roaring 20's have come to Downton, making the clothing and accessories all the more irresistible to us. That's why we've scoured 1st dibs for our picks inspired by the Crawley girls and what they'll be wearing to dinner in season three. If your next dinner party looks like this, you'll have made us more than proud...

1. Diamond and Platinum Earrings 2. Mother of Pearl Cameo Pendant 3. Rose Pink Beaded Flapper Dress 4. Art Deco Headpiece 5. Beaded Sheath Dress 6. Crystal Tassel Sautoir  7. Platinum and Diamond Wristwatch 8. Deco Hair Comb 9. Oval Filigree Brooch 10. Metal Mesh Evening Bag 11. Rhinestone Beaded Headpiece 12. Tulle Flapper Dress 13. Diamond Ring 14. Silver Mesh Purse 15. Metallic Beaded Flapper Dress 16. Paste and Onyx Earrings

*Photo Credit: ITV Pictures