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The Art Of The Handwritten Note: Inspired by Matisse’s Cutouts

Starting October 12th, the MOMA will be celebrating Henri Matisse’s cutouts (a style he turned to exclusively in the 1940’s) through a 5-month-long exhibition displaying approximately 100 of his pieces. While exploring some of the cutouts ourselves, we couldn’t help but see certain similarities between Matisse’s paintings and our favorite stationery collections.

As dedicated admirers of all things timeless, we are – and always will be – astute believers in the art of the handwritten note. In a sea of e-cards, texting, and tweeting, we’re still suckers for delicious stationary packaging and letter-pressed artfulness.

Here are some of our favorite Matisse cutouts juxtaposed with the custom stationery that – we think – keeps the written note alive…

Photo 1: Featuring Smythson Blue Stationery

Photo 2: Featuring Dempsey & Carroll Stationery

Photo 3: Featuring Kate Spade Stationery

Photo 4: Featuring Connor Stationery