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The Cigarette Case That Could

The Cigarette Case That Could

We were watching Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris the other day, and we couldn’t help but treasure the moment when F. Scott Fitzgerald took out his gold cigarette case for a smoke, as he sat discussing Zelda Fitzgerald with Hemingway.

Cigarette cases are near and dear nostalgic accessories for us, as they’re really the root of Monica’s brand. It was on trips to Europe while flea-marketing that Monica collected antique cigarette cases and compacts which she loved putting her clients’ photos into. It was something new, going into something old, creating a kind of modern heirloom.

The concept of the modern heirloom is now at the root of everything Monica does, as she went to Italy and found the old molds of these antique treasures that she now makes new again. It’s the accessories from the early 1900’s that are her favorite inspirations for the brand. Peruse Monica’s original cigarette cases and compacts; like all good collections they were the start of something great…