Now is a time when we all could use a little bit of inspiration. Our Dorothy Medallion - one of our favorite new charm necklaces - reads 'You Had The Power All Along My Dear.' Many of us on the MRK team where this piece every day, as it's a constant reminder that no matter what is going on in our lives, we always have the power. It's an inspiring message, and one that was very meaningful to Monica when she created the piece. Several friends of the brand - from chef and TV personality Daphne Oz to Cherry Bombe Founder Kerry Diamond - have also fallen head over heels for this necklace, which is why over time, we created an Instagram campaign encouraging women to share the necklace with the caption 'I had the power when...' and share stories from there lives that included moments or times when they felt powerful. When we scroll through these Instagrams, we're reminded that everyone has their own internal and external struggles that they need to overcome, and that we as women all need to look within to empower ourselves. We love hearing other women's stories, so we thought we'd share a few highlights from this Instagram campaign with you...

Daphne Oz

"I had the power when...I realized that what I thought motherhood would look like and what it does are two different perspectives. one was a dream from before I had any of the facts, and one a reality once I was thrown into the water and given a chance to fight against the current or ride the beautiful wave. with each baby, I feel my selves becoming more in sync — there are still things I resist (that’s where the growth happens!), but I’m gentler, and happier to not have been right about everything this magical experience would be ❤️ thank you @monicarichkosann for my beautiful DOROTHY MEDALLION and for reminding us all we had the power all along."

- Daphne Oz

Helen Chik

“You had the power all along my dear” ✨ - inspired by the Wizard of Oz. @monicarichkosann ’s Dorothy necklace is a constant reminder to me that I and I alone have the power to create happiness in my own life. Happiness shouldn’t be derived from those around you but found within you... Practice self love and find contentment in what you have and once you’ve found that happy medium, if you have any left to spare, share it with those around you 😌 Ok so there’s my pearls of wisdom for the day."

-Helen Chik

Jamie Beck

"This necklace was a gift from one of my favorite jewelry designers @monicarichkosann and yet again, another piece I will enjoy until the day comes to give it to Eloise. I hope to teach her to be a strong, smart, independent woman and know that she has the power to make all her dreams come true within herself, just as I did in following my own path. The Dorthy Medallion charm is inscribed with the quote "You had the power all along my dear"... and that we do ladies."

- Jamie Beck 

Kerry Diamond

"The medallion I’m wearing is engraved with the words “You had the power all along, my dear.” The lovely jewelry designer @monicarichkosann sent it to me and I don’t think she realized how much I needed to hear that message this week. 💕 Being an entrepreneur is simultaneously the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You’re constantly summoning resources you didn’t know you had and it’s really nice to have a reminder that YES, YOU’VE GOT THIS. If you’re not the best inner cheerleader, sometimes that message will find you in other ways and lift you up. Maybe it’s a necklace, or a kind word from a customer, or the satisfaction that comes from making payroll! (If you’re an entrepreneur, I know you can relate to that last part!) 💴 Thank you, Monica, for brightening my day."

- Kerry Diamond

Olesia Anisimovich

"“You had the power all along my dear” - I want this quote, inspired by The Wizard of Oz to be the leading force for women all over the world. In celebration of #FemaleEmpowerment, I’m partnering with @monicarichkosann to share my empowerment story. I had the power when I learned to own who I am and to only compare myself to the person I was yesterday. Modeling around the world as a teen girl gave me so many incredible experiences but also left me feeling like I wasn’t enough for whatever the reason could have been: my height, weight, hair color, etc. Then social media came along and we all know what that does to our self-esteem. It took me years and a lot of inner work to realize that I’m more than enough and I want to spread this message to my daughter and as many of you as I can."

- Olesia Anisimovich

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