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The Glamourai's Picks

The Glamourai's Picks

For the launch of our Quarterly Tastemaker series, MRKStyle appointed fashion expert and blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai to curate a selection of her favorite pieces from the Monica Rich Kosann jewelry collection. The series allows our customers to view the collection through the lens of some of our favorite arbiters of style, and our partnership with Kelly fulfills this mission perfectly.

1. 18K Gold Teardrop Stone Locket with Faceted Lapis "Lapis is perhaps the oldest stone known to exist in the history of jewlry; its magic has captivated lovers of beauty for centuries - myself included." - Kelly Framel

2. 18K Yellow Gold Petite Bridle Locket with Diamond Accents ""Monica's lockets are both the conerstone of her brand and my favorite of her designs.  This one is simply the chicest!" - Kelly Framel

3. 18K Gold "Carpe Diem" Necklace "Carpe Diem!  I'd love to seize any and every day in this simply chic necklace." - Kelly Framel

4. 18K Yellow Gold High Polish Message Box Charm "I'm always enchanted by mysteries and secrets. I adore a good scandal!  I like to imagine that the hidden compartment on this necklace contains love notes from a forbidden flame." - Kelly Framel

5. 18k Gold Tassel and Toggle Necklace "Tassled bracelets will forever remind me of Loulou de la Falaise, flitting about in 1970's Saint Laurent.  A chicer muse just doesn't exist!" - Kelly Framel

6. Inner Beauty Venus Charm Bracelet "Who doesn't love love?!" - Kelly Framel

7. 18K Yellow Gold Mercury Charm Creativity Necklace "As a stylist and fashion blogger, telling stories is my raison d'etre!  As such, I feel so drawn to this piece, the inspiration of which is Mercury, the god of inspiration, poetry, eloquence and storytelling.  Its inscription beautifully reads, The man who has no imagination, has no wings." - Kelly Framel

8. 18k Yellow Gold Petite Oval Stone Locket with Center Citrine Stone and Diamond Border "I love the unexpected layering of a rose-hued crystal over mystical mother of pearl in this pretty piece." - Kelly Framel

9. 18k Yellow Gold Carnelian Love Fob Necklace "This is actually the first piece of MRK jewelry that ever captivated my imagination.  It feels like it came from another time and place, but the execution and the message of love makes it entirely modern." - Kelly Framel

10. 18k Yellow Gold Genie in a Bottle Wish Charm "I find this 'Genie in a Bottle' necklace to be so totally delightful.  It's an elegant reminder to make your own dreams come true, each and every day!" - Kelly Framel