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The Key To Layering Jewelry

The Key To Layering Jewelry

One of our favorite things to do here at MRK is to layer our jewelry! Layering jewelry is an opportunity to bring the greatest creativity to your jewelry box. When one thinks about how to layer their jewelry, it is usually necklaces that first come to mind. For us, with our gold necklaces and silver necklaces it is all about two directions. Short layers and long layers. When layering jewelry with short necklace pieces there are so many opportunities. Two delicate necklaces together at slightly different lengths is the simplest form. To help in the process, almost all our necklace chains are adjustable so you can play with the look you want. Beyond that, one can go all in on short layers, adding many more necklaces and creating what we fondly call a “neck mess.” On the long layering front. You can choose from many of our larger chain necklaces like necklaces on 30” plus chains to find the perfect combination. We love long layers on a classic sweater style, or a simple collared top. Our Design Your Own Charm Necklace collection also offers an interesting twist on layering. All of our DYO chains have multiple stations, allowing you to build a multi charm necklace looks with the charms whose meanings tell your story.


Whether long or short, they become a one-piece layered look of sorts. Throughout our collection, from Diamond Critters to Poesy ring necklaces and pocket watch keys...charms and lockets...the possibilities for layering jewelry are endless. That's also why we created this video as part of a recent campaign, showcasing our favorite ways to layer standout pieces. Layering jewelry is just another way to tell your personal story. Watch below for some inspiring ideas...and please visit our How to Wear It pages for more than 250 of our favorite layering combinations.