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The Lock Reinvented

The Lock Reinvented


“A lock... open it and share the stories in your life...
lock it and it's your secret.”
- Monica Rich Kosann



Locks are one of the world’s most widely recognized items with roots dating back to 4,000 B.C. What started as a staple in architecture was eventually sized down for personal use to secure one’s possessions. Locks come in all shapes and forms – from magical locks used in fairy tales that could only be opened by words and phrases (think “Open Sesame”), to the fashion world where locks have secured their place with brands like Hermes, and digital locks that can be opened on your cell phone. While locks have become more modernized and their looks have changed, their function has always remained constant – they safeguard our most prized possessions and cherished secrets. The lock has also become symbolic of keeping our secrets and stories close to our hearts.


Our new Lock Collection, launching for Fall 2017, like many of our collections reinvents these classic heirlooms into modern, everyday wearable pieces. They are petite and feminine and most of all serve as a reminder that the stories we wear are ours to keep forever. Explore the Lock Collection now!