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The Perfect Poesy

The Perfect Poesy

How to build your Poesy Necklace

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Dream, Strength, Wisdom, Protect, & Love are only a few of our inspiring poesy ring inscriptions that help to tell your story. Our Poesy Ring Necklace Collection maybe the first of its kind in centuries, so we’re here to show you how to build and style your poesy ring necklaces.

First you’ll want to pick a chain option from the drop down menu. You can choose between long or short and steel or 18K yellow, white or rose gold.

Next, you’ll want to choose your rings! Get creative by mixing and matching metals and choosing different inscriptions that help to tell your story. We suggest styling our rings with no more than 3 on a chain. You can start with one ring and always add on to it later as your story grows.

Ring sizes vary. Some are larger than others and can be worn separately as individual rings! Sizes 2-7 are shown below.

The Poesy Ring Collection is perfect gift to inspire a friend, loved one or even yourself!
Tell a graduate to dream big and seize the day.

Tell a loved one I love you more and forever.

Tell a friend to take an adventure and to never fear.

Once you're happy with your chain and ring selections click the "add to bag" button.
Shop now and let your storytelling begin!