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Through the Lens Of: Homai Vyarawalla

Through the Lens Of: Homai Vyarawalla

Homai Vyarawalla was India's first female photojournalist. This month, The Rubin Museum hosted a retrospective of her incredible work as a tribute to her recent death at 98. Vyarawalla was a fixture at the most iconic of moments in India's history's, from the congress committee's decision to divide India and Pakistan to Mahatma Gandhi's grief-stricken funeral proceedings. Vyarawalla wasn't all work and no play; the photographer also documented social events, including Europeans out and about (most notably at British clubs) and the visits of iconic figures like Jacqueline Kennedy, Ho Chi Minh and Queen Elizabeth to India. There is an unnerving reality to Vyarawalla's work - which of course you might say one could expect from a photojournalist - but having had a Father who was an actor in a theater troupe, we couldn't help but wonder if Vrayawalla inherited any hint of the theatrical. In a way, real life is a kind of like theater, and in a day and age when visual storytelling is taken for granted, it's nice not to forget the luminaries who got it started. The exhibit ends Monday, and it's definitely something worth adding to your weekend agenda.