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Top Bee Necklaces that are right for you

Top Bee Necklaces that are right for you

One of our most popular charm necklace is our Queen Bee charm, which comes in a wide variety of styles. It's no wonder women love bee necklaces, as bees make us feel curious and empowered in our daily lives. The idea of being the 'Queen Bee' is one that you can bring into all aspects of your life - from being a Mother, to a boss, to just feeling like a strong confident woman each day. Here are 5 of our favorite bee necklaces - take a look and find which is the right one for you!

Queen Bee Charm Necklace with Pave Diamonds


This 18k gold Queen Bee charm necklace is accented with 55 pavé diamonds. It's the perfect charm necklace to empower any woman to feel like a queen - and add a bit of sparkle to your neck mess.

Diamond 'Creativity' Bee Critter Charm Necklace


Our Bee Critter charm necklace is our most delicate bee necklace and, like the rest of our critter collection, is ideal for the woman who likes the 'barely there' look. It's subtle and sexy at the same time.

Queen Bee Charm Necklace with Sapphires


This sterling silver bee charm necklace looks beautiful mixed with other silver pieces or combined with gold necklaces for a statement making look.

Queen Bee Charm with White Enamel


This bee charm necklace is 18k gold and accented with white enamel and diamonds. It looks especially beautiful mixed with a pearl necklace.

Queen Bee Rose Gold Charm Necklace with Diamonds


For the woman who loves rose gold, this is the perfect bee necklace for you. Rose gold tends to stand out more than 18k gold, so this is a beautiful choice if you want to really show the world that you feel like a Queen Bee.