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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

There's a whole history that comes with Valentine's Day, but mainly it's become a time of year when you give something beautiful to a loved one. Some people still forget though how powerful the personal nature of a Valentine's Day gift should be, which is why we curated some of our favorite pieces from the Monica Rich Kosann brand for you to peruse for the big day. Whether you're looking for something for a loved one, or just feeling like a self-splurge, there's something here for you that pops and tells a story. We just ask that if you are buying a gift, consider accompanying it this year with a handwritten note. Telling her or him you love them over g-chat, facebook or twitter should not suffice on a day like Valentine's day. Do something special this week and pick up a pen - we promise it will make whatever you've given that much more special. So enjoy our picks, and have a Happy Valentine's day from those of us here at MRKstyle!

1. Sterling Silver Postmark Envelope

2. Round Bezel Ring with Aquamarine Stone

3. Sterling Silver "Mine" Luggage Tag

4. "Sentiments" Love, Hope, Faith and Charity Charm

5. Carnelian Love Fob Charm

6. "Cherish" Silver Heart Charm

7. Oval Initial Locket with Rose Cut Diamonds

8. Petite Geometric Locket with Diamond Accents

9. Sterling Silver 4-Image Oval Locket

10. Beauty "Rose" Bracelet

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