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We can make you "The Most Thoughtful Man in the World™"

We can make you "The Most Thoughtful Man in the World™"

Guys... if you have a moment we would like to share a secret.

If you give that woman in your life a beautiful piece of jewelry then you will undoubtedly be a hero. But if you give her a beautiful piece of jewelry, and it ALSO HAPPENS TO MEAN SOMETHING... if it says something about her, her story, her dreams, her aspirations... well then you might just be "the most thoughtful man in the world™."

At Monica Rich Kosann our fine jewelry is about personal storytelling. And every woman has a story to tell... So what does that mean?

Consider our locket collections. We have redefined them as cool, sexy, contemporary pieces that are beautiful jewelry pieces, but with a secret - they HAPPEN to be a locket. And within those lockets are each woman's story... maybe photos, maybe a love note from you, maybe a secret word between you both, maybe a picture of that place you have promised to take her to one day. What goes in that locket is only limited by your imagination... and we think that's pretty thoughtful! (by the way, we were thinking of you too, and we created the software so you can get all those ideas "perfectly sized" into the locket you choose in minutes).


Then there are our Charm and Poesy collections. All the pieces in these collections speak to grand themes like Carpe Diem (did she just achieve or undertake a new milestone), Dream (is she a creative soul), and Perseverance (do you admire her for never giving up) or simply... I love you more! If you find the one that says something about her, then you've put that much more thought into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

So after personalizing that locket for her or picking the perfect charm or Poesy style that captures exactly who she is... we think you will be "the most thoughtful man in the world."

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