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Wear Something Revealing: Ben Watts

Wear Something Revealing: Ben Watts

Fashion photographer Ben Watts has a wonderful sense of humor when it comes to life, style, and dressing. Case in point, his custom-made shark slippers, no doubt inspired by the massive party he throws every fourth of July - Shark Attack Sounds. Watts chatted with us on his slightly loud sense of style, his desire to walk on the moon, and the slippers that make his friends "jelly"...

The piece you own that says something about you…

My custom shark slippers. I love them and they are comfortable. They always get noticed.

Where did you get it? Where does it come from? 

I got them custom-made in Paris, although it's an English brand [Stubbs and Wooten]. They are kind of loud like me. They seem to get attention anyhow.

What does it reveal about you that most don’t know already?

Most people know I have a sense of humor, so these slippers are usually a lead-in to some sort of joke. Although, they are incredibly stylish...

The most memorable thing that happened to you while wearing them…

Every night ends up being memorable in one way or another, so it's too difficult to remember. Somebody once said they belonged to The Little Prince; another time a friend became extremely "jelly" of them and insisted on trying to stand on them. They were unharmed.

If you could wear it anywhere, where would it be?

I do wear them anywhere. I'd like to wear them in space. Perhaps walk on the moon wearing only them...

*Photographed by Danielle Kosann