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Wear Something Revealing: Cameron Silver

Wear Something Revealing: Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver believes there are two sides of tacky: the right side and the wrong side. He affirmed to us that when someone carefully airs on the right side of tacky, it can be the perfect style statement.

Silver's making his own statements all over the fashion industry. With his company, Decades Inc., he's created the premiere Hollywood destination for vintage couture and modern luxury consignment. He's also now lighting up the "silver screen" of Bravo on his new show, Dukes of Melrose, where the behind-the-scenes drama of vintage haute couture in Hollywood can we watched weekly.

We couldn't help but take a further look into Cameron's world by finding out which of his personal accessories reveals something about him. He picked a large, porcupine ring; supposedly it enters a room before he does...

The piece you own that says something about you…

A French sixties ring that must have been from some secret society. It’s a hedgehog on top of a pineapple with a crown and snakes wrapped around it. It’s the strangest thing on earth. And so, I think it’s very me! It’s humongous; it weighs seven or eight ounces. It’s really a big, massive chunk of gold. I’m very attracted to things that are mysterious; no one knows exactly who this ring was made for. It’s like my Da Vinci code piece. I’ll have to search and search forever for the meaning of it.

When did you get it? Where does it come from?

From a jewelry dealer I often work with named Neil Mars, who always finds me the strange men’s things that I like.

What does it say about you?

I think [it says] big, bold and just the right side of tacky. I always think it's good to be just on the right side of tacky.

What does it reveal about you that most don’t know already?

The amazing thing about it is that it’s so big and bold that it kind of walks into a room before I do. And in that sense, it’s so revealing in its over-the-top-ness. But it’s just a ring on my finger. It’s not like I’m wearing a coat or arriving in a massive car. It just shows how something that's only on your finger can be incredibly revealing.

The most memorable thing that happened to you while wearing it….

Let’s just say that I have to take it off to use my iPhone. It is not a daywear ring for when I’m doing administrative projects. It's so hard to type with it on; it probably weighs more than my hand does.

If you could wear it anywhere, where would it be?

I’ve worn it so many places. I think it needs to be worn somewhere very royal. I want to take it to Saudi Arabia when I go in a couple of months. That’s where it needs to go next - somewhere no one will blink an eye when they see it. My friends in Saudi do some big gems.

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