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Wear Something Revealing: Frederick Bouchardy

Wear Something Revealing: Frederick Bouchardy

Frederick Bouchardy has aptly been called "The Scent Whisperer," a reputation he's gained through his design studio Joya, where he curates fragrances from a variety of inspirations. Whether it's perfumery, candles or an eau-de-toilette, Bouchardy is constantly creating the most irresistible scents. The senses of taste and vision seem to take priority when it comes to what's hot these days, so we like that Bouchardy never wavers from his exploration of just one of the five senses - smell. Of course, his packaging is just as delicious to the eye, which is why we wanted to have a chat with this talented curator for our column 'Wear Something Revealing'. In Bouchardy's case, he wears his journal as one would any ultimate accessory. See what this unique tastemaker has to say about what his journal says about him...

The piece you own that says something about you...

2013 Moleskine Journal

When did you get it? Where does it come from?

December 2012. Pratt bookshop in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

What does it say about you?

Things that I want to be true - that I document ideas and am in control of my time.

What does it reveal about you that most don't know already?

I believe in the written word far more than digital communication.

Is there one other person who could wear it perfectly? Who and why?

My grandfather. I'm not sure if he kept a diary, but he had the most beautiful, unique penmanship. All his tools and things seemed perfectly organized.

The most memorable thing that happened to you while wearing it...

I have kept a journal with everything inside - appointments, thoughts, inspiration - for years. I keep the most recent one with me at all times, so essentially everything memorable that has happened to me in my adult life has happened while I've been "wearing" it.

If you could wear it anywhere, where would it be? 

It is frigid wintertime in New York, so right now I'd have to say Santorini.

*Photo by Danielle Kosann