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Wear Something Revealing: Stefania Allen

Wear Something Revealing: Stefania Allen

Kate Davidson Hudson and her partner Stefania Allen - two of the chicest women we've ever come across - know a thing or two about luxury accessories. The duo recently launched Editorialist, an editorial meets e-commerce website dedicated entirely to luxury accessories. Being the accessories experts they are, we couldn't help but wonder what their most treasured pieces were. Today, mom-to-be Stefania Allen shares her favorite piece with us...

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The piece you own that says something about you…

My Jennifer Fisher Charm Necklace

When did you get it? Where does it come from?

I got the chain and shield charm from my husband when we first started dating. I had it engraved with his initials back then and many years later I had it engraved with our wedding date as well. It's the perfect piece because both my husband and mom have gifted me charms for special occasions. Sometimes I wear just one on a shorter chain too. My other favorite charm is the rose gold and diamond evil eye - my mom has always insisted I have a evil eye on me at all times!

What does it say about you?

I like to keep my family close to my heart!

What does it reveal about you that most don’t know already?

I'm quite superstitious.

The most memorable thing that happened to you while wearing it…

I got engaged while wearing it.

If you could wear it anywhere, where would it be?

On vacation with my family in Punta del Este