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Wear Something Revealing: Vera Djonovic

Wear Something Revealing: Vera Djonovic

SVP of Business Development, Vera Djonovic, seems to think of her Brian Atwood black pumps as an extension of herself. While some look at the things they wear as, well, just the things they wear, Djonovic finds them revealing (as do we). Djonovic has an extensive history in the world of fashion and style, and now helms the "ship" Vintage and Modern - a favorite website of ours! We photographed Djonovic in her pumps, as she explained just what they reveal about her...

The piece you own that says something about you...

Brian Atwood Pumps

The glamour and mystery of my Brian Atwood black pumps epitomize the future I dreamt about when I was young, growing up in Montenegro, spending all my lunch money on fashion magazines.

Like all little girls, I used to sneak into my mom’s closet, pick out her most fashionable heels, and walk around in her shoes, dreaming of owning a pair of my own one day. So I suppose it's no surprise that shoes were the first accessory that came to mind when I was asked to do this article. Women always need more shoes, bags and jewelry. I never have enough of them!

And really, there is nothing like the LBP (little black pump). They're both classic and effortless, yet the height of these Brian Atwoods makes me feel powerful and fashionable. Shoes don’t make the woman, but the right shoe definitely makes a woman feel the best she can be.

When did you get it? Where does it come from?

I bought them at Intermix, in their 77th and Madison location. What I love most about the Intermix boutique is that, like V&M, it's a perfect location to discover a truly unique mix of incredibly chic finds.

I actually bought my pumps almost four years ago, before Brian Atwood’s name was in every fashion magazine and gracing every red carpet. The lines and style of the heels first drew me in, but it was how they felt on my feet that sealed the deal.

What does it say about you?

I like to make the most of my favorite pieces. I can walk all four seasons in these shoes - and I have. They're great for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and they take me from a morning meeting in the office to a night out on a town. Best of all, in rain or shine, my confidence never waivers because I know these patent leather shoes can withstand anything that comes my way. I feel ready for anything, which might explain why I've met so many amazing and inspiring people who have touched my life in endless ways.

What does it reveal about you that most don't know already?

I am a big bargain shopper, but honestly, when something instantly catches my eye, I have a hard time getting it out of my mind until it's mine. I love fashion, but if I'm going to put aside my bargain-hunting sensibility, it has to be for a genuine investment piece. I'm also a big fan of Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes, but nothing beats the timeless style and comfort of these stunning Brian Atwoods.

The most memorable thing that happened to you while wearing them...

Even though they're basics, they're also a conversation piece - for men and women. You've got to love New York; a city where the elegance of these shoes has stopped traffic, literally.

A very fun and silly story was the day when, as I was crossing the street, this gentleman shouted, “Great shoes!” He literally opened the cab door, got out, and walked into the middle of the street - totally stopped traffic. Then he let me take his cab! I couldn't thank my shoes enough because it was rush hour, there were no other taxis to be found, and I was running late to a V&M event at The Lambs Club. These shoes not only got me there on time, but I arrived with complete confidence!

If you could wear it anywhere, where would it be? 

The red carpet, with a Dolce & Gabbana dress of course. Actually, make it three - the Grammys, the Oscars and Cannes.