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What Charm Are You? With Maria Brito

What Charm Are You? With Maria Brito

In our column, 'What Charm Are You?' we explore the way that charms tell our own personal stories, and chat with friends of the brand about what charm best represents them. Today we're talking with Maria Brito, a brilliant art advisor, consultant and curator, who also happens to have amazing and eclectic personal style that continues to impresses us. Find out what charm she is below...


What charm are you and why?


Definitely “My Stars”. So much of one’s life is determined by one’s astrological sign, the planets that were around in different positions at the exact time of one’s birth. I didn’t believe much in this until I started seeing so many coincidences and characteristics that belong to my sign.


If you could create an original charm, what would it be?


Probably a 3D charm that changes shapes depending on my mood!


If you could put together a charm bracelet, what kind of story would it tell?


The story of my family: my husband and my two kids.


What do you do each day to keep your life "charmed"?


With gratitude. It is so important to see all the amazing things I have and to focus on the good!