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What Charm Are You? with Céline Kaplan

What Charm Are You? with Céline Kaplan

In our column, 'What Charm Are You?' we explore the way that charms tell our own personal stories, and chat with friends of the brand about what charm best represents them. Today we're talking with the incredibly chic PR & Communications guru Céline Kaplan of Céline Kaplan PR. We've forever admired both Céline's sense of humor and style, particularly her ability to make color, jewelry and accessories look effortless (she is French, after all). Find out what charm she is below...


What charm are you and why?


If I had to pick one - but why just one? "My earth" is number one - it encompasses my love of travel, my love for this planet we live on and the dire need to respect it more as well as the intricate craftsmanship of the piece. Then, Never Fear...and of course, Carpe Diem...


If you could create an original charm, what would it be?


A summery swimming fin - I have a funny one in plastic that I wear in the summer. I would love it in gold of course...humor always.


If you could put together a charm bracelet, what kind of story would it tell?


Layers and layers of travel, names, places - a charm bracelet is between a book and peeking through a woman's bag. It tells a story. Yellow and rose gold, coral, lapis...it's all okay.


What do you do each day to keep your life "charmed"?


I laugh each time I can - it keeps it charming.