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What's in your locket?

What's in your locket?

Elle Magazine and MRKStyle have picked a winner for "What's In Your Locket," a celebration of the locket and the people that wear them. We called upon our audience to submit personal photos of themselves with their lockets, of course answering the question "What's in your locket?"

We searched your stories and images for a narrative that moved us; it turns out miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Nathan Tribbet snapped a photo of a precious locket that holds his miracle son - the baby he and his wife thought they could not have. With the sun shining through enclosed hands clasped around his precious possession, Nathan shared his story with the world in the most moving way possible. Congratulations Nathan, you've proved the universality of the locket, and added to this continued celebration...

Name: Nathan Tribbet

What's in your locket? In My Locket Is My Miracle Son

"We were told we couldn't have a child, but here is my son!"