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"Patience" Seahorse Poesy Ring Necklace

Size 3 Ring in 18K Rose Gold features Diamond Eyes


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Our latest poesy rings are the perfect additions to the collection. The Poesy Ring Collection is inspired by a 500 year old idea that dates as far back as when knights gave their maidens rings with inscriptions or "poesys" on the inside or out. Re-imagined to create a timeless and contemporary collection, each ring is designed to have a personal meaning and can be styled on different chains, worn as a singular statement, or a combined message composed of several rings. This 18K rose gold seahorse poesy ring features diamond eyes with "patience" inscribed on the inside. For us the Seahorse, a gentle creature, is symbolic of patience. They are happy to roam the seas endlessly at a gentle speed, but always achieve their goals. This is the perfect piece to give a meaningful gift to inspire a friend, your family or even yourself. Available in 18k rose gold in size 3.


Please contact us to order 18K poesy rings in custom sizes.

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