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"I love you more" Engraved Poesy Ring, Size 3, Sterling Silver

Rhodium Plating over Sterling Silver


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Product Detail

Our latest poesy rings are the perfect additions to the collection. The Poesy Ring Collection is inspired by a 500 year old idea that dates as far back as when knights gave their maidens rings with inscriptions or "poesys" on the inside or out. Reimagined to create a timeless and contemporary collection, each ring is designed to have a personal meaning and can be styled on different chains, worn as a singular statement, or a combined message composed of several rings. This Sterling Silver poesy ring features our signature scroll engraving detail with "I love you more" inscribed on the inside. These are the perfect pieces to give as a meaningful gift to inspire a friend, your family or even yourself. Available in Sterling Silver in a size 3.

Because jewelry should not just be beautiful.
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