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Our lockets tell your story. They are the foundation of our collection, and are designed to capture your inspirations, adventures and stories.


We are proud to offer the broadest selection of exceptional quality lockets, pieces that range from 18k gold, diamond and sapphire lockets to sterling silver. For the client seeking a bespoke experience, custom lockets are also an option, and you can explore that custom locket experience with us by contacting one of our stylists at concierge@monicarichkosann.com.


All of our locket necklaces come complete with the chain in a variety of styles and lengths to showcase your unique journey. Whether its our petite and slim locket designs, our infinity lockets with diamonds or our two-tone lockets, there is a Monica Rich Kosann locket to capture your style and personality. Gold locket necklaces can be an every day look in your wardrobe. Our gold locket necklaces are solid 18 karat gold. Whether yellow, white or rose gold, you’ll find the right Monica Rich Kosann gold locket necklace in the metal that is right for you and your wardrobe. Everyone has their own sense of style. So when creating our gold locket necklace styles, we want to find just the right combination of gold locket design and the perfect chain to complement that locket.


The stones we select for many of our locket styles are carefully chosen for each design. Sapphires are a stone with a rich history, and have been a part of fine jewelry for many generations. Our sapphire lockets in sterling silver allow us to deliver the right amount of sparkle and stone heritage to these everyday styles. From oval or rectangular gate lockets, to starburst and infinity lockets, we know you find a sapphire locket that is just the right choice.


What you decide to put in your locket can inspire you every day. It can be photographs, a note, or an empowering quotation. Please use our Locket Bar software application to personalize your locket in minutes from your phone, tablet or desktop. What you choose for your locket can be perfectly sized and printed in minutes in your home or office.