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"Change" Kaleidoscope Pendant

in sterling silver


Product Detail

When looking into a Kaleidoscope one sees reflections of changing colors and shapes. These random, and beautiful unexpected patterns represent surprise changes that can sometimes be for the better. This Sterling Silver Kaleidoscope pendant measures 1.5" in diameter and is worn on a 34" mini belcher chain. Features a choice of rose-cut rock crystals or rose cut rock crystals alongside London Blue Topaz. Dating back to the 16th century, rose or rosette-cut diamonds were introduced as one of the first diamond cuts created. Each consisted of triangular facets arranged in a symmetrical radiating pattern, but with the bottom of the stone left flat. We have taken inspiration from the Rose Cut diamond history and introduced this as part of our collection of Rose Cut sapphires and rock crystal with faceted face and flat backs.

Because jewelry should not just be beautiful.
It should