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Round Banded Agate and Diamond Locket Necklace

in 18K Rose Gold. Only 1 Available.


Product Detail

This Locket Necklace features an agate stone with unique patterns created by nature. While the design & silhouette of this locket may be offered again, the pattern of the stone makes each piece one of a kind. We select the exact section of patterning from larger agate stones and cut it specifically for each piece in this design. Agate stones are known to bring luck, positivity, and focus. This 18K Rose Gold, round banded agate locket features diamond accents and holds 2 photos.

  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 26" Rose Gold Chain
  • Set with Banded Agate and Diamonds; Diamond Carat Weight: 1.271cts
  • Locket Measures: 3/4" in Diameter
  • Holds Two Images. Images easily push into the inside of the locket.