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Superior Craftsmanship

A Monica Rich Kosann Locket embraces the fusion of old world artisanship and modern technology. Available in sterling silver and 18K gold, our lockets are designed down to the finest detail and incorporate the delicate balance of artistry with moving parts and hinges.
It is Craftsmanship you can see …
Only the most talented artisans and jewelers in the world bring our collections to life. Whether we create a one of a kind design in gold with the world’s finest stones or a style you will wear every day, we bring the highest level of detail and attention to each piece.

…and hear...
We embrace the click… In our gold lockets you will often find multiple sets of hinges and interior doors that click shut to hold secrets in place. In our silver lockets we use white gold closures to ensure our pieces stand the test of time. When you close the locket you actually hear a “click”—proof that your stories are safe. We are confident that we make the best lockets you will ever find—anywhere.
We use similar methods and techniques throughout our collections. Whether it is a secret compartment in one of our charms, a bezel set stone in our pocketwatch keys or gold wire posts in all our sterling silver earrings, you are guaranteed the highest level of workmanship and technical innovation.