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How to create the ultimate neck mess

How to create the ultimate neck mess

Today, Monica shares the answer to a question she gets asked often: How do you create the perfect neck mess?
I often get asked, "How do you create the perfect neck mess"? A neck mess is basically a neck party...celebrations, life stories and milestones around a woman's neck worn daily to inspire and empower her.
Are there rules? Absolutely not! That is the point of a neck mess. It's about wearing the pieces you love and telling your story. Mixing the layers with different lengths is what can make this fun. I like to think the pieces I wear daily are like tattoos; they go with me everywhere, and they are my armor for my day. They are also a daily reminder for me of what is important. Our stories change daily - our paths and milestones are constantly moving and taking us down new paths. This is what makes life exciting. I was a photographer for over 25 years and then went into the jewelry business. Who knew? As women we are all storytellers. We cherish our stories and covet the parts of our lives that inspire us.
Examples of neck mess layered jewelry
When it comes to my neck mess, I always like to keep one or two pieces around my neck that are the same. I never take off my Wisdom Owl Critter Necklace - my daughters wear the same one. I usually add in my design your own chain, and have been wearing my “Dorothy” medallion daily to remind me that I have the power. Sometimes, I add my locket with photos of my grandson, or a locket that just has quotes in it that inspire me. I love long chains as well, so I have been known to wear 5 necklaces at a time. It really depends on the day.
Your neck mess is really like wearing a charm bracelet around your neck - and how you choose to create this is up to you.

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