The dorothy collection
The dorothy collection
The dorothy collection

you had the power
all along my dear

you had the power all along my dear

The "Dorothy" Collection


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The dorothy collection The dorothy collection

When did you have the power?

You had the power all along my dear. It's true! This collection is an inspiring and empowering reminder that anything is possible.

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    "Dorothy" Sterling Silver Medallion

    Starting from $160

    "Dorothy" 18K Gold Medallion

    Starting from $1,985

    "Dorothy" Poesy Sterling Silver Stackable Ring


    "Dorothy" Poesy Stackable Ring

    Starting from $795

    "Dorothy" Poesy Ring Necklace

    Starting from $70

Over the centuries, medallions were often given to signify achievement, the accomplishment of a great goal or to recognize performance. When we created our Dorothy Medallion and added the inscription Youhad the power all along my dear, we wanted to recognize the empowering moments in all of our lives; the moments that strengthen our resolve to aim for high achievement. %expanded-mobile%

We believed that a simple 18k gold medallion or sterling silver medallion, inscribed with those empowering words, could be an everyday piece of fine jewelry that reminds us of what we are capable of accomplishing. At MRK, we believe that jewelry should not just be beautiful. It should empower you, inspire you, and make you stronger. Since we first started, empowering jewelry has always been the foundation of our brand.%expanded-desktop%

So it was only natural that after introducing the Dorothy Medallion, we began asking women to complete the sentence, “I had the power when …..” Their answers on our social channels, on our blog and in person have been a celebration of empowerment, and we are always humbled and grateful when anyone chooses to share those moments with us. In that sense, the Dorothy Medallion started a conversation for us about empowering women and girls, and it is a conversation we look forward to continuing within our MRK community. Please feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences. As a styling tip, we love our Dorothy Medallions worn short, either as simple statement pieces or combined with the other every day favorites found in each of our jewelry boxes. With that in mind, all the chains for the Dorothy styles are adjustable, so they can be worn at just the right length to complement your other treasured jewelry pieces. No matter when, where and how you choose to wear your Dorothy Medallion, please just remember, Youhad the power all along my dear.

The dorothy collection

I had the power when...

I had the power when...

"I had the power when I realized the beauty in my individuality."
- Cristiana, Customer Experience 

"I always have power when I tell stories and when I empower other women."

"Wearing this necklace is a beautiful reminder that what we are looking for is already in us. I wish I had believed that more when I was younger (and, let’s be honest, now!)."

"I have the power when I am a strong positive role model to a team of hardworking women that I am lucky enough to call my coworkers. I wear this charm to remind myself to stand up for what I believe in, and lead a life of positivity every day!"
- Christina, Production