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The heart can represent romantic love, adoration, friendship, the love of family, inspirational joy, and just loving yourself and who you are! By designing these hearts slightly off center and using vibrant gemstones, this collection will make your heart beat faster.

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    Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace with Diamonds

    Starting from $2,045

    Petite Pave Diamond Heart Necklace



    Petite Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Heart Necklace



    Aventurine Heart Necklace with Emeralds



    Petite Pave White Sapphire Heart Necklace



    Black Agate Heart Necklace with Diamonds

    Starting from $2,665

    Petite Mother of Pearl Gold Heart Necklace



    Red Carnelian Heart Necklace with Rubies

    Starting from $1,400

    Sodalite Heart Necklace with Blue Sapphires



    Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace with White Sapphires



    Petite Heart Necklace


The gold heart necklace has long been an iconic piece of fine jewelry that says I Love You and has taken many forms over time.%expanded-mobile%

While heart lockets have been a part of our heart jewelry collection for many years, when we looked at creating our own unique take on a heart necklace, we decided to literally look “off center” as we considered a gold heart necklace with diamonds.%expanded-desktop%

We started with the idea of a diamond heart necklace but wanted it to have its own unique character. Monica chose to design the heart “off center’, with diamond accent stones in individual settings surrounding a precision-cut slice of mother of pearl. With that same diamond heart pendant idea in mind, we went slightly larger in scale than the pearl heart necklace and put the diamond settings around a black agate slice, with each stone having its own unique white markings created by the natural pattern in the stone. This off center heart is the foundation of our Gemstone Heart Necklace collection, allowing us to create a balanced collection of gold heart pendants. To create a unique ruby heart necklace, we used the ruby as a set of accent stones around a deep, rich carnelian slice. The stones created an alluring tone-on-tone effect for a carnelian heart necklace. In that same spirit, our sapphire heart necklace includes blue sapphires around a sodalite slice with beautiful, natural patterning, and our emerald heart necklace features emeralds surrounding an aventurine stone. The gemstone heart necklaces are also offered in mini and smaller sizes, featuring a petite mother of pearl heart necklace, a pave diamond style or a solid 18k gold design. All of the gold heart necklaces are designed to be worn on their own or layered with your other favorite short necklaces.