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A Note from Monica about Empowerment, Fine Jewelry & Our Brand.

A Note from Monica about Empowerment, Fine Jewelry & Our Brand.

What Female Empowerment Means to our Brand and what to expect from us in 2020


When we first launched our jewelry collection over a decade ago, we made a commitment to creating jewelry that was about personal story telling for a woman. Our very first design was a very simplistic version of what has now become the most expansive and modern collection of lockets available anywhere. In those early days, we recognized that what one chose to put in that earliest locket was a means of self-expression, a secret story to be revealed by a woman at a time and place of her own choosing. Following the introduction of lockets, we began creating our charm collections, and each charm and design had grand meanings that a woman could consider as an expression of her personal journeys and stories.

Over time, we came to meet and know so many of our customers. Whether it was through in-person events with me or others on our team, through notes back to us via email, chat, DM or social posts; it became clear and humbling to us that our jewelry could become meaningful in the lives of so many who had embraced our brand. We have always felt that we are privileged to have every client who has chosen to allow us into their lives, and to hear that our jewelry empowered or inspired them in any way at all was particularly meaningful.
We came to realize that our collection was about more than personal story telling. It was built around the idea that Jewelry should not just be beautiful, it should empower and inspire a woman. When a woman chooses a piece from our collection that has unique meaning to her, we think it is an act of self-empowerment, and we hope it can create a special and magical moment.

In 2019 we began to articulate this message more clearly, and it is one we plan to build on in 2020. This past year we introduced the Dorothy Medallion, a jewelry style inscribed with the words YOU HAD THE POWER ALL ALONG MY DEAR. We used it as a vehicle to ask women in our community to share the ending to the thought, “I had the power when……”, and they did in beautiful ways. I recently was hosted at a luncheon with ten women where we went around the table and asked each of them to finish that same phrase. The answers from all involved in completing this thought have been poignant, moving, tearful and celebratory, but in all instances empowering. In short, they have begun a conversation which we as a brand want to continue.

As a mother to two daughters, girl empowerment was always a powerful idea for me, so to be able to have that intersect with this overall brand pillar of empowerment is particularly rewarding for me and for our team.

In 2020, we plan to bring you more content on our blog about empowerment. Female empowerment, self-empowerment, girl empowerment. We hope to talk to women from many walks of life, to hear their messages, their advice, their stories. If, in some small way, we can add to the conversation, while providing inspiration and encouragement along the way, then it will be a great way to start this new decade.


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