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What Your Neck Mess Says About You

What Your Neck Mess Says About You

When you layer your pendant necklaces, charm necklaces and lockets, do you ever wonder what your neck mess says about you? Putting together a neck mess is an empowering way to express yourself and wear things that tell your story. Here are some of our favorite neck messes and some thoughts on what they really say about the women wearing them...

Layered gold necklaces

This neck mess says: More is more! A blue crescent moon charm necklace paired with our turquoise sun, moon and stars chain and mini Love pendant necklace. Turquoise is such a great pop of color. It’s a happy color representing wisdom, protection, tranquility, luck, and love.

Neck mess over turtleneck

This neck mess is filled with charm necklaces symbolizing beauty, music, wisdom, healing, love, strategy, the sea, fertility, and victory; that’s what this look is all about. She is wearing the Gods and Godesses (our Apollo charm and Venus charm) and feels empowered, so watch out world!

Gold lockets and charms layered

This neck mess says happiness, empowerment, sunshine, and family - a neck mess which serves as our talisman and armor for our times now. It's also a reminder for her to follow her dreams...

Leo Tolstoy said “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” This neck mess is all about this quote. It says the time is now with our Time Is Now charm - we have to create our own destiny - and patience is a virtue. Our Sun and Stars charm is a reminder that the sun rises and sets each day, and all good things come with time.

Layered charm necklaces

She's holding family and friends close in her colorful collection of lockets. Our locket necklaces were created to cherish all of those special moments, and our engraved stackable rings empower and inspire. She's wearing our compass charm because she's ready to explore the world...

What’s a neck mess without some protection? A Two-Tone “Never Fear” Snake Medallion and an Evil Eye Charm are there to do the trick. A Turtle Critter pendant necklace for luck, and lockets to keep the ones we love near. Of course, our Dorothy Charm to empower and a Crescent Moon to dream. Our life story is a journey, so why not reflect that daily?