Why Heirloom Jewelry Stands the Test of Time

Why Heirloom Jewelry Stands the Test of Time

The term heirloom jewelry is an important one as one starts to think about the jewelry pieces that are bought and owned over time. A quick google search of the definition of the word heirloom yields this result:


A valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.


With that definition in mind, the idea of a of heirloom jewelry becomes important as one consider its enduring value and design.


What is Heirloom Jewelry?


Heirloom jewelry stands the test of time. It can have incredible sentimental and emotional value because it has been part of a family for many years. As we hold a piece that has been in our families for years or generations, we are also holding the stories and journeys of those who have owned and worn the pieces before us.

So, what jewelry pieces that you purchase today will become tomorrow’s family heirloom jewelry? It starts with the pieces that you love, designs that mean something to you because they were given in a special moment, or because they have meaning that reflects your own personal story. Those are the moments and stories you will share for decades when wearing or showing those jewelry pieces to others. Those stories will be the emotional foundation of your family’s heirloom jewelry. They are the stories that stand the test of time.


What to consider with heirloom jewels and jewelry?


At the same time, how your jewelry was designed and created will also be a part of this heirloom journey.  We believe that when pieces are considered for purchase today, it is important that those which might one day become the next heirloom jewels for a family incorporate some of the following key characteristics:


Design – The design of heirloom styles for us as a brand should have two elements. It should be both modern and timeless. While at first glance, those two words might seem to be in conflict, we believe that it is possible to capture both. It is something that is an ever-present thought in our own design process. Since the earliest days of our brand, one of the design questions we have always asked ourselves is, “can a customer share this piece with a close family member in 20 years?”


Craftsmanship – The workmanship that goes into each jewelry piece can really define it on many levels. Some pieces may have great complexity in their assembly of different elements or the detailing of hand work or stone setting. The greater the handwork in a piece the more unique it becomes, which will help define its emotional value over time. At one point or another, many of us have held a family heirloom in our hands and marveled at its detail and workmanship.


Quality – The quality of the materials and workmanship that goes into a piece is also important. Quality materials stand the test of time. In our pieces, for example, we only use 18k gold as it delivers significantly more gold in a design that a 14k gold equivalent. We also use a higher quality diamond, no matter the size in our production pieces. We believe that over time quality choices such as these will allow our pieces to become family heirloom jewelry.


Stones – Where applicable, the stone choices in a piece can add to their heirloom jewelry potential. We work to pick our stone quality carefully, whether it is in our sterling silver or 18k gold collections. In our sapphire infinity locket for example, we have chosen one top cornflower blue color standard, and we grade out any stones that don’t adhere to that beautiful choice. Maintaining that type of color selection, we believe makes our pieces more eligible to become tomorrow’s heirloom jewels.


Meaning & Connection – Beyond the beauty and workmanship of a jewelry style, there is also potentially its meaning. A locket for example holds special photos or words that say something about the story of a woman’s life. They may stay with the piece for years, or they may change, because each of our lives have ever changing stories. A charm necklace in our collection has grand themes and clients choose them because those themes again reflect something about that moment in their life journey. Our poesy ring collections are similarly engraved with inspiring or empowering ideas, which like our charm collections, allows a woman to tell her story. Those meanings and inspiring or empowering ideas become a part of that pieces’ heirloom story, and again stands the test of time.


Finding the right piece to be tomorrow’s heirloom jewelry can be a fun and exciting journey as one builds their personal collection. With some of these thoughts and ideas in mind, we hope your jewelry box can become its own family treasure chest.