3 Ways To Wear Our New Charm Necklace

3 Ways To Wear Our New Charm Necklace

One of our favorite sayings is "The Time Is Now". This empowering message is engraved on one of our new charm necklaces, which Monica created after seeing a Jean Paul Basquiat show in Paris, in which this saying appeared. It's certainly a motto to live by and feel inspired by - and we love turning things that inspire us into charms that we can wear everyday. The charm is accented with white enamel and diamonds, while the message is engraved in 18K gold on the backside of the charm. Here are 3 ways to style it...


The time is now charm necklace with a white t-shirt


We wear our favorite charms on their own, everyday, with anything and everything. Have fun and don't stress about styling your charm - wear it over a white t-shirt, simple sweater...basically anything. Laugh, play and move and make it part of your everyday life! We love to live with our charms and in many cases almost never take them off. This kind of message calls for that type of wear.


The time is now charm necklace with a white blouse


Build a look around your Time Is Now charm. Layer it with other jewelry, and make it the centerpiece of a fashion look, like the one above. A bold blouse under a fitted jacket or vest, accentuated sleeves and unique details look amazing with this piece. It's an eye-catching charm that makes a statement, so don't be afraid to build an outfit to match. In the outfit above from our recent campaign, this show-stopping outfit still doesn't distract from the small white enamel charm around her neck.


The time is now charm on a charm chain with another charm


Pair it with another charm on a short chain, and really draw attention to your neck and collar bone with a slightly more open blouse or v-neck. Add a scarf for extra effect and style. Your jewelry and fashion look will be impossible not to notice.