A Guide To Libra Meaning and Jewelry

A Guide To Libra Meaning and Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé



Gemstones and astrology, how are they distinguishable and how are they similar? Both are important tools in one's wellness toolbox. Gemstones can be used to enhance a person's personality traits and achieve goals while astrology can be used to understand a person's psychological makeup, while planning ahead by forecasting their likely future. Together, they provide a comprehensive view of a person's life and soul. Every crystal possesses specific energetic frequencies that are associated with the twelve signs and planets. These frequencies help to create a specific environment in which to work, live, love and learn. Zodiac gemstones are said to be physical manifestations of the spiritual celestial bodies for centuries. This means that the physical properties of a gemstone are a reflection of the spiritual properties of the celestial body it represents. There is a specific gemstone that is specifically paired with each zodiac sign as a holistic prescription for enhancing states of consciousness.




The Libra birthstone that traditionally captures the qualities of this charming sign along with its birth month October is opal. The depiction of Libra are the scales which characterizes an importance for balance and harmony within the chaos of life.  


Birthstones originated in ancient Greek times when priests and medicine women adorned and embellished themselves with the 12 primary birthstones to cultivate inner strength, power and optimize their health during sacred rituals and ceremonies. In the first century AD, there was a mystical connection made with the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year, along with the twelve signs of the zodiac that now carries on a lifelong tradition and phenomenon.  


Gemstones have been utilized as a powerful spiritual healing tool for centuries and are now often regarded as talismans. It has been found that the energetic frequencies emitted from gemstones, like the rays of the sun, have a role in facilitating healing for the wearer. The natural and organic source where gemstones have been found is the earth itself which is where the healing properties derive from.


Gemstones are believed to have the ability to help correct various mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional imbalances. It may sound like a tall order, yet crystals have been highly regarded because of their function when paired with the power of intention upon wearing it. Their mystical abilities have been said to heal and prevent certain physical ailments and illness in tribes. Gemstones are a rich source of pure energy that works through the body's electrical system. They have been used holistically to improve the overall quality of life, deepen emotional connections in relationships, optimize health, transform negative situations, and break old habits while bringing forth the highest potential of the wearer. The magic of gemstones are fully awakened when wearing them consciously with desired intentions.




Opal is the gemstone that traditionally corresponds with Libra. The healing properties of this luminous milky white stone are of truth, hope, opulence, with an amplification of personal powers. Displaying a vibrant kaleidoscope range of rainbow hues that seamlessly blend into each other, it is no wonder that opals have been believed to possess supernatural powers. These gems have been called the light of the world because of its breathtaking shimmering wildfire of colors that live within the gemstone. In ancient times, opals were believed to encompass all of the characteristics of the colors that glowed within the stone, thus earning its reputation as the queen of gems. Also, Queen Victoria gifted opals to each of her five daughters on their wedding day.

Opals are connected with the themes of Libra which are beauty, justice, and sophistication. The opal is an ideal gemstone for Librans because it is

The Libra zodiac sign is associated with balance and peace, therefore the opal is an ideal gemstone for them. It also provides a positive force in the life of the person who wears it. A Libra's shadow side can be self-abandoning their needs too often in order to maintain harmony with their loved ones. This stone can be helpful in helping Librans find resolutions that don't involve sacrificing their own needs and preferences for someone else. Therefore, the combination of breathtaking beauty and its holistic benefits makes it the perfect choice of stone in search of a Libra necklace or ring.


Aquamarine is a secondary modern birthstone that represents the airy traits of Libra. These beautiful blue sea-colored gems assist Librans to slow down, tune into a calm and meditative state to feel their emotions since they are often seen battling between the heart and the mind. They are ruled by the element of air after all which makes them have an agile and sharp mind. Aquamarine eases tension and promotes harmony from within. That's why this stone perfectly matches the constellation's quest for balance and fairness. Aquamarine is known for its calming vibrations, which can help to improve mental clarity, emotional balance, and personal confidence. Libras can tend to question their security and how they feel in relationships. This stone will assist them in setting firm boundaries with others and speak their authentic and uninhibited truth.




“Is this fair and equal?” That is the quintessential question that the peacemaking Libra asks. These folks are forever committed to maintaining balance and justice in theirs and other people's lives. The Libra symbol are the scales after all. They tend to focus on others as much as themselves which is why they have strong beliefs in social harmony. Librans are interested in symmetry and actively strive to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of their life, predominantly within their relationships. They are ruled by the planet Venus that governs love, beauty and money, which is why they have a critical eye for design and fashion with a penchant for art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. A key feature of those born under this sign is the desire for long term partnerships of all kinds - romantic, business and friendships. They have an astute relational awareness that gives them innate partnership skills that lead to mutual appreciation and reciprocity. They honor emotional connections and think in “we versus me” terms. However, in extreme cases the desire to merge with another can lead to codependency. The key is to maintain the balance between autonomy and connection. Libras step into their power when they learn how to set boundaries with others, cultivate a coherent relationship between their heart and mind, while speaking kindly to themselves without criticism or judgment. Their virtues and admiration for beauty and wanting love for all is what lifts the collective consciousness and makes the world a better place. Continue lifting and loving, Libra!