A Guide to the Capricorn Meaning & Jewelry

A Guide to the Capricorn Meaning & Jewelry




The traditional Capricorn birthstone for the month of January is the richly red lustered Garnet. The soul stirring gemstone resembles the Capricorn's earthly personality traits of stability and perseverance by its sturdy appearance along with its associated properties. Garnets have been known to revitalize physical energy, break down inhibitions, evoke feelings of passion and devotion in the wearer's personal relationships and business projects. These are the inner ingredients a garnet can provide which are necessary to prepare the Capricorn's body and mind to take unwavering action on their objectives and feel accomplished as a result.


Garnet helps one to see themselves and others clearly thus sharpening discernment and judgment which a Capricorn appreciates as they compulsively strive for inner mastery. This powerful gemstone also helps to embrace the innate sensitivities of the Capricorn allowing them to feel safe, and at the same time vulnerable, when disclosing their feelings to another and exploring their emotional growth.




Garnets were mainly used as beaded jewelry dating back to over 5,000 years ago to 3000 BC, with evidence of its use being found in ancient tombs. This shows that garnets are just as treasured as some of the oldest things in existence. The name “garnet” is derived from the Latin word "granatus" which translates to pomegranate. This reference is accurate because the deep red color of garnets resemble the seeds of a pomegranate. Since the 19th century, garnets have been revered in Europe and were especially popular during the Victorian era when they were often used for jewelry. In Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs adorned themselves in studded garnet necklaces which symbolized strength and spiritual protection. Medieval jewelers loved garnet and incorporated the stone in many of their jewelry designs such as rings, necklaces, belt buckles, hair pins and brooches. Even Plato's portrait was engraved with great detail on a garnet. Therefore, garnet is an ideal gemstone for Capricorn jewelry since this sign tends to lean more on styling with subtle sophistication. For example, garnet would make an elegant Capricorn necklace placed right over or below the heart.


According to Hindu mythology, the metaphysical properties of garnet helps one face negative feelings such as anger, guilt, and depression and transmute them into happiness, joy, and compassion. It has also been said to instill self-esteem and confidence to enhance creativity produced by the right brain. Garnets were believed to have medicinal properties curing physical ailments in ancient and medieval times treating inflammatory diseases, purifying the blood, replenishing vitamins and minerals, stimulating metabolism, treating cellular disorders and regenerating DNA. In the matriarchal age, garnets were mainly worn by women and represented the divine feminine life force because the red gemstone symbolized the womb space.


The mystical Lapis Lazuli is the second non-traditional gemstone associated with Capricorn and the January birth month. The Lapis Lazuli gemstone is known to help Capricorns who are stoic and serious by nature to become more dreamy and imaginative. This is a great choice for a Capricorn gemstone because it helps one see the truth, and step into a leadership position where they can lead from a sacred vision. Capricorns strive for excellence and need a mission to complete. That's where Lapis can assist them on their journey to success. Lapis lazuli is believed to be a powerful stone that can help promote spiritual growth and intuition. For people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, Lapis Lazuli is said to be especially helpful in leading and guiding others which they take much pride and honor in.




“How high can I climb?” ponders the ambitious Capricorn.

These people are hard workers who stick to a plan and never get sidetracked. They are rooted in practicality with unwavering discipline. Capricorns will be the guiding lights in gaining structure in a business or a relationship. They will not stop working until their mission is complete and they feel satisfied from their accomplishments. Their honesty, commitment, determination and persistence are what makes them integral in all relationships and situations.