The Evil Eye Necklace’s Meaning & Story Behind These Protective Pieces

The Evil Eye Necklace’s Meaning & Story Behind These Protective Pieces

There are few sentiments as universally embraced as those of protection and guidance. We as humans have yearned for these comforting affections, with a history that reaches back to ancestors and cultures long before us. Inspired by these long cherished emotions, humans have turned to talismans and symbols to bring forth this protective aura. One of these symbols has become a welcomed emblem today despite its 3,000 year old antiquity: the evil eye.


This protective amulet has embellished some of the most stunning jewelry of our time, with evil eye necklaces becoming highly desirable pieces just as they were centuries prior. Its mysterious yet welcomed resurgence has come with a force just as powerful as the symbol’s celestial energy. The symbol’s mesmerizing blue motif, with its promise of solace, is what has inspired our love for evil eye charms, evil eye necklaces, and protective jewelry collections. It’s often said that the “eye is the window to the soul”, as it divulges our true emotions and thoughts, often without having to say a word. However, the evil eye is not as straightforward, with a mysterious narrative that is intertwined amongst cultures.


An insightful look into the rich story behind this symbol and the evil eye necklace’s meaning will paint the complete picture of this transcendent piece. It’s a story that spans from ancient cultures all the way to the forefront of jewelry boxes today. And, the chronicle unravels why this alluring blue charm has continued to embellish jewelry collections centuries after their origin.

The Story Behind The Protective Evil Eye Symbol

The evil eye amulet carries an omnipresent story that has flowed across cultures, theologies, and a sundry of humans in between. To commence this journey, we start with the eye itself, which has ancient significance that has endured through time. It is a motif that we’ve likely all encountered, such as in the phrase “the eye is the window to the soul” or “the eye of the beholder”. And, well before our time, it stood as a symbol that transcended borders with significance amongst cultures - a past dating back to the 6th century BC.


Spanning from Ancient Greek culture and Christian scriptures to the works of Plato, the evil eye was believed to host an aura of superstition and bad luck. In Greek culture, the evil eye was known as “mati”, a malicious glare thought to impose misfortune upon its receiver. This air of misfortune was particularly thought to be cast in the presence of envy and malevolence, with the symbol having the power to cause ill upon one. Though the symbol’s origin story is rooted in this trepidation, it’s from this unease that the transcendent evil eye amulet that we admire today was enkindled.


And so, we return to those human sentiments that have been searched for and embraced through time: protection and guidance. With the seemingly intrinsic superstitions surrounding the eye, humans began to seek talismans to provide protection and guidance. Thus, the evil eye amulet was born, offering a means to reflect the negative halo surrounding its glare. This solace offered by the evil eye amulet has been embraced amongst a sea of cultures and regions, extending to nearly every corner of the globe since this early inception. To surround themselves with the evil eye’s ethereal power, humans began engraving this mesmerizing symbol on drinking vessels, jewelry, and other talismans. Thus, the amulet became a cross-cultural symbol for these universally longed-for emotions that, in a way, bind us all together - protection, guidance, and solace.

The Transcendent Evil Eye Necklace Meaning

With an intense power and a beauty that draws you in, it’s no wonder why the evil eye amulet has more and more graced the modern day jewelry box. In particular, the evil eye necklace has become an admired piece that features this mystical symbol. Perhaps this adoration is by virtue of the ornament’s placement - protecting our heart from misguidence and harm. The evil eye necklace’s meaning shines a light on the amulet’s history, offering wearers the same comfort that inspired the symbol’s emergence. The meaning is one of great comfort and guidance, protecting those who wear it from evil.


The enduring evil eye necklace’s meaning reveals the constancy that surrounds the feelings of comfort and guidance. As did our ancestors centuries prior, we again reach for these same amulets and talismans for consolation and protection. Despite the evil eye’s mysterious and ethereal essence, it brings a familiar comfort upon us that is embraced. So, it’s truly no wonder why so many people are choosing to incorporate an evil eye necklace into their collection. The evil eye necklace’s meaning, along with the symbol's hypnotic appearance, is so powerful that it’s hard to resist. And, with the celestial force of this shield, wearers can feel guided as they walk through life, assured and protected each step along the way.

The Meaning Of The Evil Eye Necklace Translated Into Modern Collections

The evil eye’s ability to transcend generations, cultures, and time is something to be admired.

Adorning necklaces with the evil eye amulet dates back to the symbol’s origins. However, it is the evil eye necklace’s meaning that has allowed its longevity throughout time. The protective amulet that is the evil eye has seen a modern resurgence, with the mesmerizing azure symbol embellishing the modern day jewelry collection. Its presence amongst jewelry lovers can be deemed an accolade for the symbol's modern acceptance - with wearers spanning from the novice jewelry collector to celebrities, and everyone in between. Modern fashion has brought the evil eye necklace into vogue once again, carrying its ancient air of protective transcendent power into modern time.


So, why will you wear the evil eye necklace? The stunning deep blue and turquoise halos of the symbol draw us in - an eye catching charm that is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. However, it’s the powerful aura that flows from within that ultimately keeps these charms close to our hearts. Protection. Guidance. Solace. The evil eye necklace’s meaning offers us these innately desired feelings that provide us warmth, just as it had for the cultures and generations aforetime.