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Locket Worthy Destination Guide with Pavia Rosati

Locket Worthy Destination Guide with Pavia Rosati


One of the things we love most about summer is the opportunity to travel. Travel - whether it's to an exotic destination or to a family lake house an hour away - opens our minds, inspires us, and most importantly, gives us the chance to create lasting memories. For that reason, we often dub our favorite travel destinations as "locket worthy" - meaning, we want to carry the memories with us, both in our minds and in our lockets. Today we're debuting our newest column "The Locket Worthy Destination Guide" with the ultimate travel expert, Pavia Rosati, who founded one of our travel favorite sites Fathom and wrote our favorite travel book of the summer Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being A Tourist). Here, Pavia shares her locket worthy travel destination guide with us...


What is your favorite “locket worthy” destination and why?


Forgive the boring answer: Italy. Because I’m Italian and I love a homecoming. Because everything in Italy is so damn stylish. Because gnocchi. Because la dolce vita cliche is true.


Which hotel in the world is most locket worthy to you? What makes it special?


I need three lockets: La Reserve in Paris, for its discreet luxury and Restaurant Gabriel. Taprobane Island in Sri Lanka, for the end-of-the-world magic. Storfjord Hotel in Norway, because it’s the place I dream of going.


What 5 things can you not live without while traveling?


A notebook. (I write down everything.)


A camera. (I love a visual diary.)


Two decks of cards. (My husband and I are canasta demons.)


Three wear-everywhere dresses. (Travel mantra: Pack less.)


Room in the suitcase for souvenirs. (Usually ceramics, wine, and jars of spices.)


What has been your most memorable trip recently and why?


I took myself on a road trip through New South Wales in Australia a year ago, through the Blue Mountains and Wolgan Valley, where I stayed at the heavenly One&Only Wolgan Valley and began the day on horseback, then spent a day driving Waterfall Way. Every time I’m in Australia, I’m left wondering why anyone would live anywhere else.