A Guide to the Sagittarius Gemstone & Jewelry

A Guide to the Sagittarius Gemstone & Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé



The traditional Sagittarius birthstone for the birth month of December is the soothing silky-blue turquoise. This gemstone captures the qualities of the jovial and optimistic Sagittarius zodiac sign. Turquoise is highly recognized for its healing ability to make the wearer feel tranquil, soothed, and serene. It's as if you have stepped into the warm shimmering teal ocean water, just like the rich blue color of this stone. Metaphysically, turquoise works with the throat chakra which is the energy center of the body that is connected to the core of communication, the quality of our speech, how we speak, and feel heard.


Turquoise is an ideal Sagittarius gemstone for those born under this sign because it supports their value of authentic expression and intrinsic core need to openly share and exchange their intellectual thoughts and philosophies. Spiritual transformation is what a Sagittarius craves and turquoise can facilitate them deeper into their journey no matter what stage of enlightenment they find themselves in. This gemstone is thought to enhance their public speaking, creative, and business ventures. Turquoise can soften a Sagittarians edge when they are leaning too far into the tendency to be so passionately engaged with sharing their beliefs and viewpoints that they appear dogmatic or domineering. They are ruled by the fire element after all! The baby blue hue of the turquoise gemstone resembles the peaceful ocean and with its connection to water, it can help smooth and calibrate a Sagittarius's jaggedness and fervent nature allowing them to feel emotionally balanced.




Turquoise is one of the most sacred and recognized birthstones known in ancient human civilizations and societies. The use of turquoise magic as a healing tool has been prevalent for centuries. It was the first mined gemstone in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt dating back to 6000 BC. This stone held great spiritual value and was revered in Persian and Egyptian culture. The ancient Egyptians believed that wearing turquoise would protect the deceased from harm. They would bury their loved ones with a piece of turquoise to ensure that they would be protected on their journey to the afterlife. It was known as a purification gemstone of the body and soul. In Mexico, the Aztecs beautifully handcrafted masks with the precious turquoise. They used turquoise in sand paintings to bring rain to the parts of the land that were dry and parched. In Native American culture, the Navajo tribe often incorporated the gemstones into their clothing, such as belt buckles, hats, and jewelry. They designed talismans and amulets with turquoise which helped to protect the wearer and turn them into a powerful force. It became a tradition to wear turquoise rings and necklaces to guard against the evil eye, serpents, disease, violence and danger. It's no surprise turquoise has been used as a staple in gemstone jewelry. It is extremely versatile and wearing it as a Sagittarius necklace would make an ideal gift or birthstone talisman. Sagittarius and turquoise are both associated with the abundance planet Jupiter which provides success, prosperity, wisdom, insight, and health. Since they love to live large, it can also help them be productive in their expenditures and donations. Turquoise as a piece of Sagittarius jewelry, is a great travel companion for Sagittarius people because these folks are always on the go and the gemstone has been known to protect travelers from danger on their journey.


The spectacular Tanzanite is the second traditional gemstone for Sagittarius and the birth month of December. Ancient civilizations believed this gemstone offered a direct pathway into the spiritual realms connecting them to the heart, developing intuitive and prophetic faculties while bringing visions. Tanzanite can further motivate a Sagittarius and assist in the development of their foresight. They tend to receive strong visions that end up leading them into their ventures, relationships, and future destiny. It has been believed that Tanzanite enforces virtue by having the wearer be honest and transparent, connecting them to their integrity and honor. Tanzanite promotes tranquility in the mind and develops compassion in the emotional body for the self and others. Legend has it that the Celtic chieftains used a ritual involving tanzanite to select the new leader.


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“Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and open your heart to new experiences!” proclaims the optimistic Sagittarius. The Sagittarius constellation and Zodiac sign is depicted by the archer for its expansive and abundant energy. They direct their energy in a specific and concerted way in order to achieve their goals, like the Sagittarius depiction shooting their bow and arrow. With an open mind, it endeavors to find knowledge, understanding, and purpose through higher truths. A Sagittarius' infectious courage unleashes the world to take action on their dreams and souls calling.