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The Duchess of Windsor

The Duchess of Windsor

Here, at Monica Rich Kosann, we love the history of jewelry and fashion, so it seems only right that we take a look into one of the most coveted jewelry collections in history that belonged to the Duchess of Windsor.

American socialite, Wallis Simpson, married King Edward VIII and became more famously known as the Duchess of Windsor. The king abdicated his throne and became the Duke of Windsor in order to marry the “American commoner”. In time, Wallis Simpson quickly became the talk of London due to her high society parties and lavish jewelry collection.

The Duke, as well, was said to be fascinated with jewelry and fashion, buying rare stones and designing his own pieces for the Duchess. One very famous piece was the Duchess’ emerald engagement ring. The 19.76 carat ring was inscribed with "We are ours now 27 X 36."


Another piece that got a lot of attention in its day was this 1960s emerald and diamond necklace below, featuring enormous pear shaped emeralds.


The Duke had much of the jewelry he gave the Duchess inscribed with sweet notes and sayings, creating pieces that were unique to her. One was a 40th birthday present a platinum necklace with white and yellow diamonds and an asymmetrical tassel of rubies. The Duke engraved ''My Wallis from her David 19.VI.36.''


Among our favorites ….a ruby and diamond bracelet engraved with "Hold tight 27-iii-36” and a flexible diamond band bracelet with a large oval ornament of sapphires engraved "For our Contract 18-V-37."



And then of course, there is her animal menagerie collection of brooches and bracelets in the forms on flamingos, tigers and panthers.


The Duchess’ collection was eclectic and personal to her with every piece having a meaning and being a representation of a moment or a celebration in her life. We think our collection would be perfect for her. How would the duchess tell her story with our pieces? We’ve pulled together a Duchess edit just for you!

Monica Rich Kosann Limited Open Edition aqua marine bracelet

Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Ring Necklace with "I love you more" engraved on the inside.

Monica Rich Kosann Limited Open Edition Crystal Opal Ring

Monica Rich Kosann "Soar" White Ceramic Bird Necklace

Monica Rich Kosann "Love" Diamond Poesy Ring Necklace

Monica Rich Kosann Rose-Cut Blue Sapphire Bracelet

Monica Rich Kosann One of a Kind Cushion Sapphire Locket

Monica Rich Kosann "Luck" Ruby Poesy Bracelet

Monica Rich Kosann Limited Open Edition "Wisdom" Owl Necklace

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