Top 10 Sterling Silver Pendants to gift your graduate

Top 10 Sterling Silver Pendants to gift your graduate

Purchasing a special pendant necklace for a graduate is the perfect way to celebrate their big milestone. Our sterling silver pendant necklaces are filled with meaningful messages that make each gift feel personal. Each necklace empowers them and allows them to tell their story as they move into the next phase of their life. Here are 10 of our favorites...

Go your own way medallion

Go Your Own Way Medallion


'Go Your Own Way' is such an empowering message for a graduate as they embark on the next phase of their lives. This pendant necklace will inspire them to forge their own path and always be their own person.

Birthstone necklace

Birthstone Necklace


Our birthstone necklaces make a lovely graduation gift. It's a wonderful way to give a recent graduate something personal and meaningful to them. This pendant necklace looks delicate and beautiful on its own or mixed with other necklaces.

I think I can pendant

'I Think I Can' Medallion


Our 'I Think I Can' medallion is an ideal graduation gift, inspired by one of our favorite books 'The Little Engine That Could'. What better way to empower a graduate than by reminding them that they can do anything they set their mind to - and to never give up!

Compass pendant

Adventure Global Compass Charm


For the graduate who loves travel or is planning to travel after graduation, our compass pendant necklace is the perfect gift. It's inscribed with the quote 'There are no foreign lands. It it the traveler only who is foreign,' and will inspire them on all of their adventures.

Mini Protect Evil Eye Charm


Our protect evil eye pendant necklace is a great gift for a graduate and will make them feel protected as they move into the unknown...

Never fear pendant

Two-Tone Mini Never Fear Snake Medallion


Send your graduate into the world empowering them not to be fearful about the uncertainty of what's to come. This snake pendant necklace will always remind them to be strong, have faith in themselves, and 'never fear.'

Mini Adventure Compass Pendant with Sapphires


This is the perfect pendant necklace for the adventurer who likes more delicate jewelry. This small circular pendant looks beautiful paired with just about anything.

Carpe diem necklace

Carpe Diem Pendant Necklace


What better message to give your graduate than to 'Carpe Diem'? Our Carpe Diem collection includes a wide range of pieces with this inspiring saying, and we love this statement pendant necklace that's both impactful and easy to wear.

Dorothy Medallion


Our Dorothy medallion is inscribed with the amazing words "You had the power all along my dear." What better way for a young graduate to feel empowered each day than with those words?

Silver zodiac charms

Sterling Silver Zodiac Pendants


Our sterling silver zodiac pendants offer a lovely element of personalization for your graduate. Each has a beautiful and unique design to symbolize your special graduates zodiac sign. It's the perfect gift.

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