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How To Wear Design Your Own...Inspired by Instagram

How To Wear Design Your Own...Inspired by Instagram

Our fine jewelry collection was born out of the idea that every woman should be able to tell her story through the jewelry she wears. That is is why we often encourage our customers to 'Design Your Own' and personalize the pieces they purchase from us, whether that mean creating a custom charm bracelet or charm necklace, designing their own poesy ring necklace, or using our locket bar to personalize a locket. When it comes to storytelling, there is never any shortage of inspiration on Instagram. We often use the platform to post and share all of the different ways our customers personalize their pieces and make them their own. Here are 5 ways to wear 'Design Your Own' and tell your story...inspired by Instagram...


Locket bracelets and necklace with family images

Use 'Design Your Own' to showcase special family moments

When it comes to special family moments, there really is no such thing as 'too much.' Take a note from the woman on the left, who personalized her custom charm bracelet with as many half locket charms - and photos of her grandson - that she could find. Or the woman on the right, who used our locket bar to celebrate two memorable moments with her husband: getting engaged, and being pregnant with their first child. There are few better ways to wear personalized jewelry than to style it to celebrate irreplaceable family moments.


Charm bracelets with travel charms

Customize Your Charm Bracelet as a memento of your travels

So many of our customers use Instagram to document and share their travel adventures - and they often use those adventures to inspire a custom charm bracelet. Whether you personalize it with our Earth charm, compass charm, or one of our continent charms, a charm bracelet is a perfect piece to tell your travel stories. This is definitely one of our favorite ways to wear and customize it.


Locket charms on charm necklaces

Wear lockets as charms

We often share images on Instagram of our half locket charms, which are the perfect hybrid between a locket and a charm. They are chic and easy to wear, and can be easily personalized with a photo, quote or piece of artwork (here are some ideas!). Double up and wear two half lockets, or pair your locket charm with a charm like inspires you, like our Dorothy Medallion.


Poesy ring necklaces



Our poesy rings present the perfect opportunity to style multiple rings with different meanings on a necklace in order to best tell your personal story. You can also pair them with other rings that mean something to you for a unique look that is surely a conversation starter. Patience, wisdom, breathe, never fear...all of these messages and many more can be styled together to inspire you daily. We love the way our customer styled hers on a black chain (which she doubled up) for a modern look.


Custom charm necklaces

Pair your power charms to create an empowering charm necklace


This is probably the look that most peppers our Instagram feed, as we find our customers to be very drawn to our empowering charms, like our Dorothy Medallion, 'The Time Is Now' charm, our 'Never Fear' medallion, and our Sun Moon and Stars charms. Design your own charm necklace and layer two of these charms on a chain to remind yourself daily to follow your dreams and be your strongest self.

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