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Jamie Beck – What’s in My Locket

Jamie Beck – What’s in My Locket

Jamie Beck is a talented photographer and founder of Ann Street Studio – a creative studio she and her husband, Kevin Burg, started. Her history with Monica Rich Kosann runs deep as she photographed our 2015 Fall ad campaign and was featured in Monica’s latest book, A Possession Obsession. Follow Jamie here on her journey as she fills her new Monica Rich Kosann locket with images that tell her story.

"The locket isn't just a precious piece of jewelry the locket represents for me a time capsule of moments that define love. A way to to phsyically carry with us on the outside what our hearts sing on the inside." - Jamie Beck

"Yesterday I began to fill my new @monicarichkosann locket with photographs significant to this moment in my life. I keep thinking about the layers of images I'll stack inside over the coming years, already knowing I want to add bébé's 1st sonogram photo when we first laid eyes on her, a moment that changed me forever. Someone sent me the suggestion to add her tiny fingerprint to the back of one of the photos which I loved! What else can I do?...Oh what dreams and keepsakes we can keep in our lockets, mementos of life to hold near our hearts wherever we may go." - Jamie Beck