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3 Ways To Create A Neck Mess

3 Ways To Create A Neck Mess

If there's one trend that's caught our eye in 2019, it's the Neck Mess. We've been longtime fans of layering our necklaces every which way, but this trend certainly gives us an excuse to go even further than usual. There really is no wrong way to create a Neck Mess - which is the beauty of the trend - but we've put together a few Instagram-worthy suggestions. Layer a few delicate chains and charms; pile on a long necklace over a few short ones; create a chic mess of chains...we can't wait to see what you come up with! Read below for some inspiration...

This Neck Mess features our Diamond Critter Owl Necklace, Mini "Travel" Compass Key, and our "Never Fear" Medallion - all topped with one super long chain.

This very chic messy neck includes the Diamond Critter Owl Necklace, Mini "Carpe Diem" Key, The Dorothy Medallion, and the "Electra" Skull and Heart Column. Top a mess like this with an oversized chain (and double it up for an extra layer) and you're good to go!