8 Charm Necklaces To Inspire You

8 Charm Necklaces To Inspire You

Charm Necklaces to Inspire


In our collection, there is no shortage of charms to inspire you in your everyday life. We like to think that when you purchase one of our charm necklaces, you're also buying something that will help you tell your personal story and encourage you everyday to be your best self. Whatever characteristics you most value, here are 8 ideas for charms that will excite you...



1. The "Intuition" Octopus Charm


Intuition is something that we cannot and should not ignore. Following our intuition is our personal "fancy" way of saying "Go with your gut," which is something we firmly believe. Wear this charm to encourage yourself to always listen to that little voice inside, regardless of what the people around you are telling you to do.


The Dorothy Medallion

2. The Dorothy Medallion


Probably our least subtle charm - and our most inspirational - this medallion is here to remind you that "you had the power all along." Since launching this charm, we've asked so many women when they felt they had the power, and the answers are inspiring and amazing. We want this charm to remind that you always have the power to take control of your life.



3. "Adventure" Hot Air Balloon Charm


Adventure is one of the most important things in life - whether you're taking a trip to Europe or managing to take your newborn baby out of the house for the first time (no easy feat)! There are so many types of adventures we can have, and this charm is meant to be a reminder to maintain a sense of fun and adventure, even when responsibilities in life make it hard.

4. "Curiosity" Telescope Charm Necklace


For many, curiosity is a trait of the utmost importance. It's the inclination to explore our creative inklings, to ask questions, to learn about the word around us, to get to know people better...pretty much any feeling that makes us want to know more, explore an idea, a person or a place. It's easy to forgot how important curiosity is for our growth as people in whatever we do, and this charm is here as a gentle reminder.


5. "Perseverance" Fish Charm


No matter what we do, there are often obstacles when we aim to accomplish our goals (big or small). Let this charm inspire you to persevere and move forward, no matter the things standing in your way. It's easy to give up, but the pushing through the ups and downs is often the most rewarding.


6. "Patience" Seahorse Charm Necklace


For some, patience is often the greatest challenge. When we're excited about something, waiting for the outcome is the hardest part - but usually it's worth it. Wear this charm as a reminder of that.


Carpe Diem Necklace

7. Carpe Diem Necklace


One of our classic and most popular charms, Carpe Diem is a constant reminder to seize the day and live every moment to the fullest - something we all strive to do!


8. "The Time Is Now" White Enamel Charm


How many times have you put off a project or goal? This charm is there to remind you that while it's always easy to wait (or sometimes scary to start), the time is now.

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