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Iconic Celebrity Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Iconic Celebrity Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

We're thrilled to have Caitlyn Jenner wearing our cushion bezel-set earrings in the July cover story of Vanity Fair. Given Monica's love of photography, and it's role in our brand story, we took a closer look into the woman behind the camera, Annie Leibovitz.

Annie Leibovitz. Photograph by John Lok | The Seattle Times

Leibovitz speaks of her photography in her book, Annie Leibovitz at Work:
"For me, the story about the pictures is about almost losing myself, and coming back, and what it means to be deeply involved in a subject. You can get amazing work, but you’ve got to be careful. The thing that saved me was that I had my camera by my side. It was there to remind me who I was and what I did. It separated me from them."

Starting her photography career for the Rolling Stones, Annie Leibovitz began creating her iconic work capturing celebrities. She joined Vanity Fair in 1983, started working regularly for Vogue in 1998 and has created award-winning advertising campaigns amongst her other collaborations and books.

Here are a few of our favorite images from the photographer.

Mick Jagger, Buffalo, New York, 1975. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, London, March 28, 2007. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malibu, California, 1988. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Demi Moore, Culver City, California, 1991. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Photograph by Annie Leibovitz on the day Lennon was shot.

Bruce Springsteen on the Rolling Stone Cover, 1984.Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Meryl Streep, 1981.Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Whoopi Goldberg, 1984.Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

Rachel Weisz portrayed as Snow White, 2007.Disney Resorts Ad Campaign Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

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