A Guide to Meaning of Leo Jewelry

A Guide to Meaning of Leo Jewelry

By Violetta Lazé




Gemstones and astrology are significantly interconnected, going hand in hand with each other. The energetic frequency of the 12 planets and signs is encapsulated in every crystal. Gemstones are thought to be the tangible physical matter to the nebulous cosmic alignments. Each sign is prescribed a different gemstone for different purposes. They are often paired together to capture a holistic experience.




The traditional Leo birthstone that captures the essence of vivacious Leo along with the essence of its birth month - August - is Peridot. The Leo sign symbol is the Lion. The phenomenon of birthstones originated in the first century when there was a divine connection made between the interconnectedness of the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Priests use to wear the 12 primary gemstones on their breastplate to cultivate optimal health and power.


Gemstones have been utilized as an ancient spiritual healing tool for centuries. It has been believed that crystals hold certain energetic frequencies that are derived from the purest source - the earth. They have had the capability to realign spiritual and emotional imbalances. It has been said to mystically heal and prevent physical ailments on all scales. Gemstones can be seen as storehouses of energies that when utilized and tapped into can provide holistic remedies, enhance the quality of life, deepen relationships, transmute any negative situation, break habits, and over all bring out the highest potential of the wearer. Their magic can be unleashed through intention setting upon wearing them.


Birthstones originated in the first century when there was an uncanny correlation made with the 12 signs of the zodiacal wheel, 12 months of the year along with the 12 primary gemstones. These gemstones were worn and adorned by shamans and priests while they performed sacred rituals and ceremonies to enhance their personal will and power.




The metaphysical properties of the traditional gemstone that represents Leo, peridot, aids in the manifestation of abundance, optimism, willpower, courage, and harmony. Peridot has been called “emerald of the evening stone” for its glow and translucence under the sunlight. This luscious green stone activates the heart chakra, the energetic power center ruled by Leo, to assist in the integration of love and will. It can bolster up the courage to take risks and action on your heart's desires to pursue the unique individual destiny you know you have, Leo. Wearing peridot will enhance the beautiful qualities of your personality bringing out the light within, like the sun. It can also soften the heart from any emotional edges transmuting rigidity into an expansive light and breezy free flow.


The gleaming green gem is known to bring peace and equilibrium into a Leo's life. They can benefit from wearing their Leo jewelry such as the peridot when they find themselves tempering their shadows being controlling, overbearing or stubborn. Peridot can help a Leo surrender their pride and ego to connect back into their compassion and humility.


Peridot has a historical fable where it was highly revered by those in ancient power. High priestesses, queens and kings were enamored by the lustrous gem which was said to ward off the evil eye and any negative spirits. The enchanting green hue was Egyptian queen Cleopatras favorite. She adorned herself with this crystal believing it to enhance her radiance and beauty.


The second modern gemstone that represents the fiery nature of Leo is citrine. This bright and beautiful stone of sunshine is a reminder of the summer's warmth, igniting the fire that Leos have within to transcend them from a depressive state into a joyful and happy one. It encapsulates the energy of the sun and its rays because of the radiant hues of golden shimmer and bright shades of orange. It's no wonder this stone is for Leos as they love the warmth and sunlight. This radiant gem awakens the true power of will, strength, optimism, and childlike joy. It opens the higher mind to find bliss in one's life, releasing attachments to the past and deep-rooted fears. Citrine holds a high frequency that stimulates creativity and imagination. It facilitates the process of merging dreams and visions into tangible form - the spiritual into the physical. With its pure solar energy, citrine encourages the wearer to live the fullness of their life, welcome in new beginnings, fresh pursuits, enjoy new experiences and explorations in the world. Leos have a penchant for glamour and fashion so proudly wearing a citrine Leo necklace right above their heart chakra will be nothing short of a statement piece!




“Unroll the red carpet and watch me sashay down on it” says the confidant and flamboyant Leo as the flash of the paparazzi’s cameras blind them with admiration. Leos have the charisma of a thousand shining stars in the sky. They are as warm and bright as the rays of their planetary ruler, the sun. Like sunflowers they radiate joy, optimism, and vitality even in the darkest of times. Authoritative in nature, Leos are known as the kings and queens of the zodiac. Therefore, they naturally make compelling presenters and performers who love to take center stage in their public lives. Recognition and praise is not something they will shy away from but will welcome and attract as a byproduct of their innate leadership. Their souls have come into this lifetime to massively impact the world with their passion and vigor as they graciously be of service and lead from the heart. Leos ruling element is fire and nothing sparks their flame like love, adventure and the arts. Their ardent energy is authentic and creative with a commanding presence that is soft yet strong. They are the embodiment of a Lion - graceful, proud, gregarious and regal.

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